Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies to all of the games, softwares, products, features, websites, services, files associated with Morgondag Software Development KB and Morgondag Software Development KB (here by known as the "Company"), including this website, webshop, Morgondag login account and any other services supplied by the company. Individuals under the age of 18 should consult their parents or legal guardians before providing us with any personal information. The company reserves the right to change these policies in the future. You may be contacted via email or communicated to through our services about future policy changes.

If you have any question regarding this Privacy policy you are welcome to contact


When you signup you are given the choice to accept these terms of service as well as the Privacy policy stated on this page. If you disagree with any of part of these terms you are not permitted to use the company's services as we can not at this time supply an alternative version of our services to you without these policy requirements.

You have the right to at any time contact us and withdraw or close down your account and remove your account information.

Personal information we collect 

We aim to only collect minimal personal information from you.

We collect this information when signing up to our website and creating an account, by you making a purchase on our store or signing up to any mailing list we use. Completing a purchase will share your information with our payment provider for security and fraud reasons and any bookkeeping laws we are restricted to. We don't store your credit-card information in our databases as a security measure and it will only be available through our 3rd party payment provider.

How we use the information

Email - your email is the central mechanic for login in to and accessing your purchases, this email is also used in the default newsletter and will be used to inform you of any policy changes or news we see fit. You can unsubscribe from these newsletters without any account restrictions.

Age - Age and birthday is asked when you register a new account, this is simply to make sure we are not selling any products to minors. Any one under the age of 18 should consult their parent or legal guardians before doing any purchases on our site.

Password - We do not store your account password directly in our system, we use industry standard encrypted salt that can match your password. Your the only one that knows your password, make sure to keep it safe. You may change or reset your password at any time.

Billing information - As you make a purchases we need a billing address associated with the purchase this information is only shared with our payment provider, this will also be a part of the purchasing receipt you can download on your account page. This information is also essential when displaying or purchasing any merchs that might come available in the store as it will be used for shipping. This information can be changed in the checkout part of the store.

Email and Newsletters 

When creating a new morgondag account you are automatically signed up and welcomed to our newsletter, you can freely choose to unsubscribe from this feature and will not recive any more news and information from ous.

Email is also used to send out confirmation codes, reset or forgot password notifications, these kind of emails are usually triggered by you and will not be used for marketing these emails will be mandatory in order for us to successfully run our services.

Third party disclosure and services 

We use pixels, cookies and tracking codes supplied from our 3rd party services like Google Analytics, Discord, Shopify, Facebook ads and other marketing or analytics providers, this information is anonymized and has nothing to do with your personal information in our datasystem. But can be used to trigger remarketing ads and campaigns. We don't collect or store this data our self but uses the anonymized version of it supplied by the marketing or analytics partners.


We can not guarantee 100% absolute security of your personal information but we try to do our best in order to keep it safe. By keeping a minimal amount of information about you and securing our services, and we use Shopify as a service.


We use cookies for your account, login system, as well as our anti-fraud and payment systems and marketing and analytics.

Guidelines for Children and Parents 

Individuals under the age of 18 should consult their parents or legal guardians before providing us with any personal information. This story is not meant to monetize children or people under 18, We don't provide any form of gambling or loot boxes. You pay to access our products or merchs.

GDRP Compilance & Data Retention 

We will retain and use your information as necessary to comply with our legal obligations, resolve disputes, and enforce our agreements.

We do not collect any more personal information then the one stated in this Privacy policy which we require to run our services. We have full disclosure on the data we collect and if you want a draft of it, contact us.

You have the right and can at any time ask us to remove all your information and close down your account and we will do so.