Export options

Export options


Export Option

Export scenes and compositions into shareable formats. 


Export to PNG; this will save a snapshot of the scene as a PNG picture. When you click or use CTRL+E the filesystem picker will open up where you can select where to save the image.


A sequence is simply individual frames saved into PNGs. This can be good when using tools like FFmpeg to make custom movie clips or when using other GIF generators.

Save To...: Pick where to save the sequence.

Frames: Pick how many frames to export.

FrameSkip: Set how many frames to skip before picking a new frame to export.

Format: GIF or sequence selector.


Collect frames and save them as an animated GIF. Uses the same options as the sequence.


GIF Frame Delay: set how long an individual frame should be visible before going to the next frame in the GIF.


Use the current project's history state and export a GIF containing all the different history states.


Export a standalone desktop application with the current scene and all of its assets. A zip file is created containing everything to run the windows application. There are additional command-line arguments for the standalone application.

Standalone exe


Escape: Quit the app.
Spacebar: Toggle animations on and off.

Example command-line argument:

renderer.exe --fullscreen --borderless --display-2 --rotate-90 --disable-animation --scale-2 --window-scale-4


Command-line Configurations
Command Options Description
--fullscreen start app in fullscreen mode.
--borderless start windowed window without frames, doesn't do anything in fullscreen mode.
--display-0 --display-1, --display-2, --display-3 select a display/monitor between 0 and 10. If you don't have more monitors connected the highest number monitor will be selected.
--rotate-90 --rotate-0, --rotate-90, --rotate-180, --rotate-270 rotate the window 0, 90, 180,270 degrees.
--disable-animation disable tween and rotations at start.
--scale-1 --scale-1, --scale-2, --scale-3, --scale-4, --scale-5 scale the rendering by the power of two between 1 to 8 times.
--window-scale-1 --window-scale-1, --window-scale-2, --window-scale-3, --window-scale-4, --window-scale-5 scale the window size up between 1 to 8 times.

Readme.md will contain this information inside the standalone .zip file.

Bundle Export
For data format bundle export see: