Entity options

Entity options


Configure individual imported assets in the scene. Set up tweens, animations, and other powerful rendering options


Move Down: Move the entity down in the list of assets in the scene, use this to move it behind other entities.

Move Up: Move the entity up in the list of assets in the scene, use this to move it in front of other entities.

Clone: Make a copy of the asset at the same position in the scene.

Delete: Remove this entity from the scene.

Locked: Toggle to lock this entity in the scene preventing mouse movement and scene selection.

Show: Toggle visibility on or off for this entity in the scene.

Name: Set a custom name for the entity, the original name is from the library asset.


Entity Transform

Control the entity's placement and rotation in the scene.

Position: Set the X and Y position in pixels.

Rotation: Rotate the rendering of the entity. 



Default Tile: If the library asset is a sprite sheet there can be multiple sprites available. Here you can select which tile from the sprite sheet to render.

Tint: Add a color tint to the entity. Type in a hex color code manually or click the color box to open a color picker. This will go on top of any palette color.

Alpha: Set the entity's alpha color making it transparent. 

FlipX: Flip the entity's rendering horizontally. 

FlipY: Flip the entity's rendering vertically.



Create a flipped mirror rendering of the current entity. The mirror rendering will have the same rotation, transformation, and sprite sheet animation as the original entity.


MirrorX: Create a mirror of the entity horizontally.

MirrorY: Create a mirror of the entity vertically.

MirrorDistance: Set how for apart the mirror offset should be from the original.




Patterns create a powerful interface to render repeated copies of the entity. It's great for creating symmetrical designs. The X and Y parts are rendered on each side of the original.


Repeat Rotate Count: Set how many copies of the entity should be rendered for rotation.

Repeat Rotate Spacing: Set numbers of degrees between the copies.

Repeat X Count: Set how many copies to render horizontally.

Repeat X Spacing: Set how many pixels there should be between the copies horizontally.

Repeat Y Count: Set how many copies to render vertically.

Repeat Y Spacing:  Set how many pixels there should be between the copies vertically.



Simple animation configurations for rotation and selection of sprite sheets.


Rotate Speed: The speed of how much the entity should increase its 360-degree rotation per frame.

Rotate Repeat Speed: The speed of how much the entity's pattern copies should increase its 360-degree rotation per frame, this is added to the regular rotation speed to create a different speed for the repeating patterns.

SpriteSheet: If the library asset is a sprite sheet with configured animations they can be selected here for individual entities, pick a sprite sheet animation that will be looped.



Tweening is a powerful animation and movement system for entities.


Enabled: Toggle on if the next tween should start or off if it should stop.

Initial Delay: Set how many seconds the initial tween delay should be after the scene has loaded.

Add Animation: Add a new tween configuration to this entity. A tween contains most of the configurable entity options. This can be used to create additional life and complexity to the composition.


Per Tween


Remove: Will remove this tween from the entity.

Duration: Set how long in ms the animation should run.

Delay: Set how many ms there should be before the animation starts.

Easing: Select an easing algorithm that controls how the animation will increment over time.

Toggle option to animate: Select and toggle the options that should be part of the tween. Then select a value for that field based on the above configuration options.