Create new project

Create new project

Let's create a new project in Bit Animation Editor. When starting the editor a new project will be automatically be created. If you already have another project open, save that project (CTRL+S). And create a new project (CTRL+N).

1. Configuring the scene

On the right side, there are some options to configure the scene, like size and background color.

See more about scene configurations here:

2. Adding assets

On the left side of the library, there is an example folder with assets. Select flow and click on the "eye". The preview window will now show that asset. Click on Add to Scene.

See more about importing assets here:

3. Selecting the entity

Select the asset in the scene to the right under the configuration tab in the asset list. Click on "eye".

4. Entity Options

When clicking on the scene entity "eye" the rightmost panel enables you to configure the asset. Go to mirroring and enable mirrorX. Increase the mirrorX distance to 180 pixels. You should now see two assets in the scene.

See more about entity options here:

5. Select sprite sheet animation

Go to the animation tab. This "eye" asset has a couple of pre-configured sprite sheet animations. We can now select one of them and the two eyes in the scene will start to animate.

6. Export

This is the resulting artwork:

Example export

See more about export options here:

Congratulations you've made your first composition in Bit Animation Editor.