Morgondag. A Swedish two-person Game Studio.

We create and publish unique games filled with our own twist, story, atmosphere and a lot of love.

Vendela & Kim

It's just us! We met in 2012 and fell in love. We put our creativity together and began making games. RymdResa is our first bigger title and was released in 2015. A rogue-like space odyssey in a procedurally generated universe! In 2017 we released our second bigger game, our puzzler imprint-X. We're currently working on Vast Void (an HD remake of RymdResa) and Lunar Soil.

easter in Sweden

We make games

We develop and publish our own games. Buying our games directly from us is the best way to support us as no middleman is involved (which means that we earn more money for each copy sold). When buying a game directly in our own Store you will receive both a Steam key and a DRM free copy for Windows, Mac and Linux. You can of course also find RymdResa and imprint-X on Steam and Humble Store if you prefer buying games there.

Devblog and Video Devlog

You should totally check out our devblog and our Youtube channel.


You can contact us on vendela@morgondag.io and kim@morgondag.io. You can also send a message over Discord. Looking forward to hear from you!