Spacebase19 - Out now

Spacebase 19 is now out and live on steam.

This little game originally was made for a virtual arcade machine inside another game many moons ago (Yet to be released).

We had a version of this game available on our very old website to test some self-publishing dreams. Instead we decide to polish it up a bit, and just make it available on Steam.

With a zero effort marketing strategy behind it, involving taking a mid-release nap and shipping a stable build.

Full gamepad and keyboard support. Three original soundtracks, arcade sfx and a space-themed pixel-graphics mountain based on a family-picture from the alps.⛷

So far it has been the most casual,drama-free and stress-free release yet. 🧘🏻‍♀️ Smooth sailing.

Now back to dreaming and building more things.

*Dream on, builders*