A new simpler and faster website

We have used a large range of tools and structure for our websites over the years. We decided to switch away from our current provider. And as someone who work professionally with software development, app, games, services and web development the urge to rebuild is usually quite strong.

In the past we used a wide range of methods like static vanilla html, single page react apps, Wordpress and latest we used Shopify. The good thing with Shopify is that we did not need to do anything, or at least at start. There was no need to code, write tedious CSS and setup anything just swipe that credit-card, and we get a web-shop up without any major problems.

However over the years Shopify has increasingly and quite rapidly become quite predatory. Moving most things over to paid monthly plugins. Removing core functionally (like a simple instagram feed). The checkout experience require a lot of tinkering if you want to add anything customized. The site speed was always a dull and slow experience we could live with for all the other tools we get so we did not have to think about it.. But also critically we don't really want to have a web-shop anymore, majority off our product sales comes from platform like Steam and other platform holders (Apple, Nintendo, Itch, Humble Bundle etc) and our interest to sell merch and optimize web-shops all day is very low.

Morgondag is our creative outlet for our software and art/games projects not e-commerce. When it comes to websites the thing that last us the longest in the past have been simple static files. Things like producing a good looking cover-art, selecting tags and fancy settings is not really something we care about in the blog part, in reality speed is queen and content is king. (And engagement is the renaissance in your dark-ages ads network).

1-2-3 What is the current web-tool today

Blink you missed it! There is now a new tool!

In frontend web development a new NPM package or scaffolding project is popping up everyday. Most of these are building on ten other projects. With the ultimate goal to just produce some HTML that looks ok with some CSS. And duct-taped with Javascript to more things. (🐇 The logic behind all this bunnyhole is quite deep, but we are so many layers up today, Go away and try to render a button cross-platform in C++ ).

When we started this project one off the 1000's tooling available that could generate static html files was Next.js. We like React, but wanted just a tad more on-top of it to deal with static file generation. React server-side is under development right now so if we where to decide what tool to pick next week the framework would most likely be something else. The curse of open source invelopers - Developers solving the same problems over and over again with different flavours of complexity with the same result (the same could be said about proprietary software development but thats a longer story).

Made one small repository. Hooked up a next.js app, with content in markdown. Added a simple CI/CD pipeline and used standard Cloud provider tools and Ogga boooga * poof * 2 days later 🧙 now we have a next to no cost website that is fast. No monthly ransomware bloat. And all the static files we could eat. And Thanks to the end of the browser wars (Chromium won) this should look fairly similar on all browsers and devices.

Okay! So Long, and Thanks for all the Fishy Shopify.