Bit Animation Editor - 1.5.0 - Randomizer

This patch comes with a new feature-set to randomize the asset configurations and a new free asset-pack "Turner" with 31 animated sprite. AKA you can add stuff randomly.

Randomization in its full chaotic glory with uniform distribution. You can choose to add a asset to the scene with all of its configurations like mirroring, size, positions, pattern and rotation shuffled. A new tab is available that supports a range of randomized operations to manipulate the assets in the scene.

These randomized properties follow a lose set of rules of different outcome, its not procedurally generated patterns that looks good, this is true random. And one of the milestone in order to have a more controlled procedural generation option in the future.

Use it to create unpredictable designs that only the robotic gods would have thought off.

Bit Animation Editor - 1.5.0 - Patch notes

  • New Asset pack "Turner" with 31 sprites.
  • New core randomizer functionality with uniform distribution.
  • Added a new "Add randomized to the library assets"
  • Added a new "Randomzie" tab on selected scene entities.
  • Added Randomize states to history-states.
  • Fixed a bug with selecting sprite animations selector that could result in corrupt data on file write.
  • Update Steam SDK.

This patch is available now on Steam.