A Classic arcade turret defense game!

Defend your base, blast asteroids, pickup power-ups (new turrets), keep track of your heat and reach new high scores!

At your disposal you have a basic turret; you can also pickup new powerful ones with a limited amount of ammo. Make sure you’re not overheating your turret by blasting too quickly! Each mini round has a distinct challenging pattern of hazards, some with randomized and procedural elements to keep it fresh.

Key Features

  • 25 challenging levels/rounds with a twist of procedural elements!
  • 6 powerful turret towers to defend your base.
  • A mini 3 track soundtrack made by us.
  • Turret heat-system with smoke!
  • Bloooom, screen-shake and gamepad rumble.
  • Pretty nice pixelart.
  • The evil stones from RymdResa.
  • Retro SFX.
  • Gamepad, mouse and keyboard support!
  • Linux, Windows and Mac support!

A Lunar Soil minigame

Spacebase 19 also be available inside Lunar Soil where you can play and win item rewards like gears and in game trade-goods.

You will be able to find arcade machines in Lunar Soil. These lovely machines will be spread out in the world and each hold a minigame! Spacebase 19 is one of them! We let all our community members play the game already, because they are so awesome. Want to play Spacebase 19 for free? Sign up below!

RymdResa Asteroids

Spacebase 19 is featuring the evil stones from RymdResa! RymdResa is a nonvilonet game where you have no weapons to defend yourself. Well, it's time to take revenge on those stones, isn't it? ;)

Minimum System Requirements

Platform OS Processor Memory Hard Drive
Windows Win 10 Intel Core i3 2 GB RAM 500 MB available space
Mac OSX +10.8 Intel Core i3 4 GB RAM 500 MB available space
Linux Steam OS or Ubuntu 14+ Intel Core i3 2 GB RAM 500 MB available space

Download Size 232MB

You will get, for FREE

  • A download link to a DRM Free copy of the game for Win, Mac and Linux.

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