Vast Void - Theme Song

by Kim Aarnseth March 09, 2019

Vast Void - Theme Song


We got a new shiny super delicious, moody, calm with a flavor of mysterious retro-spaceness arcade ambient, big-beat track with some twists and turns that we think is pretty chill. 

It will be the main theme song for Vast Void!

Designed, produced and generated from the brains of Tom Croke himself who composed most of the songs in the original RymdResa and did all the sound design! Ahh yaaash. 

Tom also made the entire imprint-X soundtrack! 
Sometimes he posts some cool stuff from his magical dream lab over here.

Here is the new theme we are going for


What do you think about the song?

Leave a comment and tell us what you think.
Should we make more tracks?


Kim Aarnseth
Kim Aarnseth