Vast Void - The Bonus Games Boss

by Kim Aarnseth September 01, 2019

Vast Void - The Bonus Games Boss

The Bonus game is now finished and playable from start to the final boss.

We recycled parts from previous animations like thisthis, and these and created a ship for the final bonus stage. We wanted a lighter and smaller design for this one compared to the main games bosses

Here it is:


Timelapse from our animation tool.



pixelart bossdesign

Final rendering in the animation tool



Vast Void - Bonus Boss

Player avoiding bullets from the aiming boss.
Player catches a machine and bounces it back toward the boss.
The boss loses health as the machine explodes. 
A mine gets activated from the explosion and flies towards the player. 




Kim Aarnseth
Kim Aarnseth