Vast Void - Boss 2

by Vendela Carlberg Larsson July 12, 2019

Vast Void - Boss 2

We're redesigning the bosses for Vast Void, using our new custom animation editor. Last week we showed off boss 1. Now it's time for boss 2. 

The Old

Here’s the old RymdResa boss 2. It consisted of only a few colored frames.

Old RymdResa Boss 2

Boss 2 in RymdResa. 

The New 

And here’s the new boss design, created with the custom animation editor mentioned above. It’s much more vivid, consisting of individual sprite-sheets. 

Vast Void - Boss

The time lapse showing the boss being put together and animated in the editor:


Vast Void is the HD remake of RymdResa, read more about the game here!

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Vendela Carlberg Larsson
Vendela Carlberg Larsson