Translation - Special Quests

by Kim Aarnseth July 27, 2019

Translation - Special Quests

Translation adventures continue forward.
We previously started the translation for the main exploration quests and then the voiced diary pods of the pilot.

We got some great help so far, thank you for that!


Now its time for the special quests.

The translation sheets can be found here


Special Quests

In the first of three chapters of the main game, players are traveling to a set of special areas, each of them has a short text about them, we call them the special quests.

These quests have a much simpler data structure than regular quests as they have no player options. 


Special quests location


Game Credits
If you help out with the translation remember to add your alias/email or name to the translator field so we can add you to the game credits. 
Thank you for helping us <3 


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If you have any translation tips or can recommend any professional translator to help out on top of the community translations let us know.

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Kim Aarnseth
Kim Aarnseth