Translation - Consumable Items, Year Events & Research

by Vendela Carlberg Larsson August 24, 2019

Translation - Consumable Items, Year Events & Research

We've released three new translation documents: The Yearly Event Stories, the Consumable Items, and The Researchable Upgrades!  

You can reach the translation documents here

Translation documents available

To begin with, we want to thank for all the amazing help we've gotten so far! <3 

We currently got eight parts available for translation:

Diary Pods - The pilot’s main voiced narrative. 
Exploration Quests - The quests you get when exploring an entity in space (like a planet, galaxy, etc.). These have the most complex translation structure, as each quest can have different outcomes. 
Special Quests - The chapter 1 goal texts. These got a much more manageable structure than the exploration quests.
The Easter Egg Riddles - Our precious Easter Eggs, containing riddles for the player to answer. 
The Burnt Ship Voice Log - One of the side quests containing a voice log. The smallest document of them all. =)
The Year Event Stories - All Year Events in the game where players are presented with a short story and get to choose among different rewards. 
The Researchable Upgrades -  Our researchable upgrades; all of them having a title and a short description). 
Consumable Items - These are all the consumable items which the player can find in space. They all got a title and a short description. 

There're still some parts remaining like for example the Boss Battles, UI, regular Items' description - we're hoping to release them soon!  =)

Again, thank you so much for helping us. <3

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Game Credits

If you help out with the translations, remember to add your alias or name to the translator field so we can thank you in the game credits. And it would also be wonderful if you reached out via mail so we can thank you in person! Our leave your mail to us so we can reach out! =)


Let us know if you run into any problems or want to add a language by commenting directly in the document or joining our dedicated translation thread over at Discord or sending us a mail

Furthermore, if you have any translation tips, can recommend a professional translator to help out on top of the community translations or are a professional translator that wants to give us a quotation, let us know


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Vendela Carlberg Larsson
Vendela Carlberg Larsson