The horrible ship

by Kim Aarnseth June 16, 2018

The horrible ship

Horrible Ship fever!   Your horrible starter ship is here to stay!

Summary of this week’s devblog

  • Video DevLog
  • The horrible ship
  • T-shirts has arrived

Video DevLog

An eight-minute video devlog this week where we show off the horrible ship in Lunar Soil and your very first mission. We also explain more about the re-worked gameplay and the release -roadmap. Moreover we're looking at the newly arrived t-shirts which will be available in the store in a couple of weeks.

The horrible ship

Last week we talked about the re-worked gameplay in Lunar Soil. In this week's video dev log we talk more about it. Lunar Soil is now an entirely exploration driven game, with focus on narrative, atmosphere, quests and characters.  

The horrible ship is your starter ship and it's pretty small, messy and broken. Watch the video above to see the player's very first  acquaintance with it!  

The t-shirts has arrived!

Today our t-shirts arrived! Watching today's video log will give you a sneak peak of how they look. We'll begin to sell them on our store in a couple of weeks! =D

Kim Aarnseth
Kim Aarnseth


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