T-shirts are here

by Kim Aarnseth June 27, 2018

T-shirts are here

T-shirts are here! With a monthly

Summary of this week’s devblog

  • Video DevLog
  • T-shirts of the month!
  • Bossgate t-shirt
  • Warden t-shirt
  • Show your support

Video DevLog

T-Shirts of the month!

As we now have a store in place we can start experimenting and create stuff like t-shirts. Over the years we've created tons of art for our released and unreleased games. Some of the art have never seen the light of day, some could stand on its own and some of it would look really nice on on a t-shirt.  

After solving logistics on how to actually ship physical goods globally we've finally decided how we're going to present and offer our t-shirts.  

We're going to have two t-shirts for sale each month; then the t-shirts will no longer be available for sale. So we'll offer super rare custom designs that will not be available anywhere else then on our store in a limited time-frame.  

The t-shirts' store pages themselves will still be available as some sort of historical gallery, even though they will not be for sale when their time is up.  

So, we'll present two new fresh designs each month that hopefully will peak your interest. This will also allow us to try things out, new fresh shirts each month, maybe a hoodie one month, fun stuff like that.  

The first two t-shirts out are:

Bossgate - T-shirt

Mmm... The majestic Bossgate from RymdResa

Read more about the bossgate here.  

Warden - T-Shirt

The first piece of art we ever made for imprint-X

Read more about the warden shirt here.  

Show your support

We make an small profit for each t-shirt we sell and that let's us continue making art and games. If you know someone who would be interested, share them a link to the store or  buy them a shirt  This is an excellent time to show your support, instead of donations or anything like that the best way to support us is to simply order a shirt. <3

Kim Aarnseth
Kim Aarnseth