RymdResa and Vast Void

by Vendela Carlberg Larsson November 17, 2019

RymdResa and Vast Void

We started making RymdResa back in May 2013. At first, RymdResa was a small art project about a pilot drifting in a dark space, filled with poetry. And that was it; floating texts and stars and a pilot. The experience was meant to be released in  June 2013 for iPad. 

However, we really liked the RymdResa space and wanted to make a game out of it, so we re-worked the concept quite a bit, but we kept some of the poetic parts. Developing RymdResa was really an iterative process, the game changed a lot over time. RymdResa was finally released in August 2015 on Steam. 

We're currently porting RymdResa to Unity, under the name Vast Void. The game will be available for consoles, desktop, and mobile. 

RymdResa Old Concept
An early concept from RymdResa back in 2013


When making RymdResa, we wanted to capture the feeling of loneliness in space. We used several different tools to create a lonely atmosphere: art, music, and poetry. 

The loneliness is, for example, expressed in the pilot's diary pods. They are poetry-pieces, giving you hints about the pilot's past present and future. 

"Sail the stars in the world's most relaxed roguelike"
Danielle Riendeau,Polygon

Restricted color palette 

The art in RymdResa is made with a very restricted palette, which only contains a few beautiful and carefully picked colors. With RymdResa, we wanted to create a very minimalistic art style. We believe that deliberate art restrictions produce a style that is much easier to create with; creativity can roam free inside these constraints. This also makes room for the player's own thoughts and emotions. The art for Vast Void is the same as for RymdResa, with some changes. The UI is redone from scratch, we make it even more simplistic and console-friendly.  And some assets are revised - as for example, the boss art and their gameplay

RymdResa Old Concept
An early c
oncept from RymdResa back in 2013

No combat

There is no combat in RymdResa and Vast Void. When we made RymdResa, we were so tired of every space game involving killing everything on the screen with laser-beams and explosions. We, therefore, wanted to create a calm and relaxing adventure. RymdResa (and Vast Void) is a non-violent game. However, there are a lot of ways to die. 


Vendela Carlberg Larsson
Vendela Carlberg Larsson