Posters, Pixelart & Machines

by Vendela Carlberg Larsson April 13, 2019

Posters, Pixelart & Machines

We transformed our pixelart animations for the custom screen canvas into posters!! We have always wanted to add some cool posters to the store and the day has finally come.  

As for now, we got two prints available: Invelopers and The Three Machines

The newest piece, which we call Invelopers, displays an aggravating machine entity not developing systems and refining them, but instead "inveloping" them by increasing complexity and functionality following the laws of entropy. It comes in four different colors (Invelopers - Etheral Purple, Invelopers - Omni Blue, Invelopers - Atom Teal and Invelopers - Moon Grey).

Take a look at Invelopers - Etheral Purple below: 

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And below we got The Three Machines (which we wrote about last week) displaying three conscious artificial subroutines collaborating and computing. 

It also comes in four different colors (The Three Machines - Sci fi, The Three Machines - Purple HazeThe Three Machines - Dark Mushroom, The Three Machines - Raspberry Pink). 

Take a look at The Three Machines - Sci fi

The prints are available in five different sizes; 8x10, 12x18,16X20, 18x24, 24x36, they all ship worldwide from both USA and Europe depending on your shipping address. They are all made on thick and durable matte paper. 


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Vendela Carlberg Larsson
Vendela Carlberg Larsson