Oh Canvas! Oh Canvas! Communication

by Kim Aarnseth November 09, 2019

Oh Canvas! Oh Canvas! Communication

A continuation of the previous adventure with a digital canvas. We've managed to get most of the systems working and communicating all the way from the "OS" back and forth from Bluetooth to TCP/Websockets and mobile applications.


Running applications

Here is a gif showing two mobiles (android and ios) connected directly to the screen. An application is started from one phone, the other receives the state.  The background color is changed from the mobile application to the canvas application.


An overview of the system

The main controller takes care of setting up and connecting all communication layers, keeps track of the state and applications running. Devices can connect and negotiate a state-change or talk directly to started applications. 

State, Communication & Execution.



Hardware-land something is brewing..



Visual applications like this one is simply an application with a manifest file, an instruction set to run with the source code or binary. A configuration part in the manifest file tells the mobile app what fields can be edited, like the background color. 

Connecting a phone to the Canvas.

Controlling the canvas is done through the mobile application. A connection is established through Bluetooth, we check if the screen has a wifi setup and then connect to it. If the application lacks wifi we configure it over Bluetooth. Here is a gif of the early prototype App.

app example


Kim Aarnseth
Kim Aarnseth