Lunar Soil - Steam Store Page

by Kim Aarnseth March 14, 2018

Lunar Soil - Steam Store Page

Steam, here we come!

Lunar Soil now has a nice and shiny pre-release Steam store page over here:  

Add Lunar Soil to your wishlist and share some dreams in the community hub. We'll be checking the forum now and then (like all the time, obsessively).  

Some nice fellow went into the Lunar Soil Steam community hub before we even had published it, therefore we have no choice but to make an in-game statue/graffiti in honor of the mysterious alias: M   

Steam is  a good place for us to share some early builds for testing and validation as well as alpha and beta builds; more on that in the future.  

Want to follow the Lunar Soil progress? Well then you should continue to read this awesome blog because we're going to continue posting something new here every week. And don't forget to play your free copy of Spacebase 19!

Kim Aarnseth
Kim Aarnseth


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