Long-sleeved boss t-shirts are here!

by Vendela Carlberg Larsson October 06, 2019

Long-sleeved boss t-shirts are here!

We've made three new t-shirt designs, based on the graphics for the bosses from Vast Void (the bosses were created in our little custom animation editor). We're really happy with the designs. The shirts are also super comfy; we love the longs sleeves and the baggy look. Check out the shirts! 

Boss T-hirts

Kim, wearing size L while playing around with an Oculus quest! <3 

Have a closer look at the shirts over here!


The shirts are made of the ultra-smooth American Apparel cotton and have comfy long sleeves to protect you from the elements. The sleeves are cuffed at the hand for a tapered look that adds a little flair. 


The shirt type (long sleeves, baggy, American apparel) ships from the US only. 


Vendela Carlberg Larsson
Vendela Carlberg Larsson