Localize Vast Void or not?

by Vendela Carlberg Larsson March 02, 2019

Localize Vast Void or not?

Is game localization something you consider important?

Let's talk game localization!

Vast Void (which we presented last week) will be released in English, as was the original game RymdResa. And we're currently looking at translating the game to other languages as well. But is game localization something you consider important? 

What are the pros and cons with localization? 

In general, is it a good idea to localize an indie game? It's a quite costly project for a small game studio; is it really worth it?

What languages?

And what languages do you think are the most important ones? 

Swedish translation

We initially had thoughts of translating RymdResa after the release but it simply seemed too complicated back then and really wasn't worth it. Now we have a new opportunity with Vast Void (and everything is simpler with Unity); so take the chance and influence us with your thoughts! We have begun translating Vast Void into Swedish already, but maybe people speaking Swedish would prefer playing it in English anyway?

The name Vast Void

The HD remake of RymdResa is called Vast Void. Why is that? At the beginning RymdResa appeared to be a unique and wonderful title but when releasing the game 2015 we noticed that people had difficulties pronouncing and spelling it. Therefore it seemed like a good idea to change the title when making its HD version -  to make it more accessible. and even if Vast Void originates from RymdResa and shares the same game concept as RymdResa, Vast Void got new features - which we can indicate with a new title. It took us long time to decide a new title for our RymdResa HD version and at start we actually called it Far-Off, Vast Void is a better title though! It's also nice having a new more accessible title when planning for sequels... ;) 


Vendela Carlberg Larsson
Vendela Carlberg Larsson