Options, localization & Lunar Soil Game Jam

by Kim Aarnseth September 13, 2019

Options, localization & Lunar Soil Game Jam

We implemented options for Vast Void.  

Vast Void - Options


This was quite a drag to develop but an important part for the game.

  • Sound, Music and Voice Levels
  • Screen alternatives
  • Gameplay settings
  • Game Language
  • Rebindable controls

 Let us know if you have any preferences for important options. 


Vast Void Startscreen Vast Void Startscreen

Localization implementation

We started implementing localization and we are excited to see the community translations in-game! above images are from the Swedish and English version of the start screen. The Japanese switch version is going to amazing. 


Lunar Soil  - Game Jam

We are trying or best to finish Vast Void but we love to explore technical solutions, we played around a little-bit with Lunar Soil and some multiplayer concepts. We got a rudimentary little build working with cross-platform multiplayer between android, iOS, Mac, win and switch.

Lunar Soil

Two players on different network running around on the purple fields in
the Sulfur Crater, Lunar Soil.



Kim Aarnseth
Kim Aarnseth