Imprint-X - New puzzle patch

by Kim Aarnseth March 09, 2018

Imprint-X - New puzzle patch

Our button-based puzzle game imprint-X got some more love on Steam today. We added one new small world with 3 unique puzzles and 4 bosses. It’s also updated to the latest Steam SDK for slightly better achievements reporting. Moreover, we updated to the latest Unity version so the Linux version should now be more stable.  

The Windows build got some slight frame improvements with the update; however, it was already over 60 FPS to begin with.  

The Mac version stopped working completely with the new Unity and High Sierra; crashing as soon as we got into the game. Turns out ironically that if we disabled all Unity's remote bug tracking and analytics everything started working again.  

We also changed the graphics option to default to low on Mac as the Metal rendering part can't really handle swirly background shaders on retina mode. With that said the shader might be more optimal for OpenGL then whatever the thing Metal is doing. Don't think we are going to spend any time optimizing for metal right now. The shader works but we’re talking 20 fps here after playing a couple of levels.

Meet bossmodes background shader Meet boss-modes’ background shader - that’s a puzzle

Future design tweaks

We might need to change the design a little bit for the puzzles; if you get stuck now you can always take another branch in a world. But what if you get stuck on both branches?! then you’re stuck farming enough hearts so you can use the star-power-up to skip a level.  

Some kind of challenging mode with a set of randomly selected puzzles might be a way going at it, we’ll see. The new mini worlds after the first 6 world are unlocked at start so you can jump directly into them without passing go.

Kim Aarnseth
Kim Aarnseth