Hey what is Vast Void?

by Kim Aarnseth February 23, 2019

Hey what is Vast Void?


So What is Vast Void?

You may have noticed that the graphical assets, logo and style for the game looks a lot like RymdResa. If so; yeah! Good design eye there! Kudos to you!

Vast Void is the re-branding and HD remake of the RymdResa universe. We’re porting from our old beaten Javascript engine to Unity and C#. We shipped the puzzle game imprint-X with Unity. Lunar Soil is actively developed in it as well, as are all the free games, so we're pretty warm in our Unity clothes now. And Unity is also really convenient when it comes to shipping to consoles, desktop and mobile. Even if we’re a little bit reserved with the fact that Unity might be going public.

But what about Lunar Soil 💔 ?

We did finish our first minimal vertical slice of an early iteration of the game and it wasn't really hitting home. We’re still working on it actively now and then between other work, and will for certain release some more info about the game in the coming months. We’re pushing to be able to release iterative builds rather then the full experience, this is however a little bit complicated, outside of the PC early-access ecosystem. But for now we’re finishing Vast Void first as it’s like five times smaller.

For Vast Void we have most of the chapters and core gameplay done already so tweaking and balancing will take most of the time. There’s a new procedural generation system, now with seeding support and other goodies.

We’ll do a rundown post later in the development with all the new changes like camera zoom polygon based colliders and some new neat stuff. We’ve cleaned up the design considerably.

RymdResa Console

RymdResa was originally intended to ship on the Wii U as well as Xbox One. The Wii U went and died on us, and the old engine couldn't really get any stable performance for a number of various reasons. The Switch version is coming along nicely and we’ve a working Xbox One build (the game is still pending approval on some platforms).

And as we’re doing this remake as a new game that means new piles of paperwork, console approval thingys, various stores clickery and other fluffy stuff like a new website, branding, new shiny gameplay elements, a new theme song, revamped design, items, bosses and ofc a new ingame minigame :-)

Meanwhile you could totally shoot some asteroids.



Kim Aarnseth
Kim Aarnseth