Grayboxing Spacestation

by Kim Aarnseth March 29, 2018

Grayboxing Spacestation

A little earlier devlog about grayboxing this week as we are taking some rest during the Easter weekend.

Summary of this week’s devlog

  • Grayboxing the spacestation
  • VideoLog
  • Podcast
  • Happy Easter

Grayboxing Spacestation

Graaaayboxing! It's a great way to get your design thinking cap on and let you move forward faster. It keeps us focused on the greater picture of the game and the environment. The delicious details come later. We grayboxed the entire spacestation which is the main hub in Lunar Soil.  

When you start a new game you will first get through the character creation which we talked about in the last week's post and the personality test. Secondly, you'll go through a small tutorial showing the main gameplay mechanics. The tutorial will be a set of rooms with simple tasks for you to complete; like commanding two employees to open a gate for you, mine some ores, and using a key etc. We grayboxed the tutorial this week as well and implemented its core gameplay!   The spacestation will be your main base but you'll be building and exploring down on the different moons. Going from and to the spacestation will require expensive fuel.  

the medical room, you can end up here if you get hurt on a exploration The medical room, you can end up here if you get hurt on a exploration


Central hub-room looking into the station bridg Central hub-room looking into the station bridge


Let's Explore Space Let's explore space!


Kim walks through most of the rooms in the grayboxed spacestation, watch the video:


All our videologs will now also be available as podcasts, we'll start tweaking the video format to accommodate this as well. Check them out on your regular podcast app in your phone or on this central hub on anchor.  

Happy Easter

Last week the sun was shining bright! Today when going outside, we got attacked by the snow and the wind.

The weather is great here in Sweden!

The weather is great here in Sweden!


Happy holidays! Cheers //Vendela and Kim

Kim Aarnseth
Kim Aarnseth