First look at Vast Void on iPad

by Vendela Carlberg Larsson June 29, 2019

First look at Vast Void on iPad

Alongside the Nintendo Switch, Xbox, Desktop and Playstation version of Vast Void, we’ve been working with the touch and iPad version. Here’s a first look of it (running the bonus game in Vast Void):

Vast Void bonus mode running on iPad Pro.

Vast Void iPad
Works great with the Apple Pencil as well.

We made this post and all its material without a computer using an iPad Pro, it took some time getting used to the workflow. There’re still many functionalities that are desirable on the iPad, for example handling files easier. Hopefully the workflow will get smoother with the new iPadOS. Playing Vast Void on the iPad was a breeze though =)


Vast Void is the HD remake of RymdResa, read more about the game here!

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Vendela Carlberg Larsson
Vendela Carlberg Larsson