Deer statue M and our first VideoLog

by Kim Aarnseth March 16, 2018

Deer statue M and our first VideoLog

A deer and much more!

Summary of this weeks devlog

  • Deer Statue to M!
  • Watch Kim play some Spacebase 19 in our very first VideoLog
  • Buildscripts for Lunar Soil
  • Terrain generation

Dear deer winterdeer M

As we said in the Lunar Soil Steam post we wrote this week, there was a legendary sneak-attack on the community hub and here is the tribute:  

Statue of M and the bunker entranceThe statue of M, player in a spacesuit and the bunker entrance.  

Dear deer M Dear deer M and the bunker.

We made a quite simple stone texture with silver horns. The 3D module itself is available below! If you're on Windows 3D paint should already be the default tool which you can use to paint the deer.  

Paintable FBX Download the FBX file here

If you make an awesome painted deer we would love to see it!

Steam steam steam

We made some simple build-scripts for Lunar Soil for easier building and uploading of the game to various platforms. We're using Unity but when we're switching target platform we have to sit there and wait all day for the assets to be recalculated, then we  have to sit and wait for the build to finish. When working with a larger project like this that takes forever. So now we've a simple script that compiles Mac, Win and Linux 32 and 64 bit builds in one go. Then if we want it to; it uploads the game to our internal branch on Steam, or other places. When uploaded it sends a message to our chat channel.  

Yes yes it's dowwwnloading! Steam is a pretty slick place to distribute alpha builds on.

Look at that deliciously white circle. and that love-of-your-life happy play button of awesomeness. Look at that deliciously white circle, and that love-of-your-life happy play button of awesomeness.

Our very first VideoLog

Kim took some time to play Spacebase 19:  

Hopefully we'll continue making videologs like these. Doing videologs is a bit scary - but we'll try to continue making them. =)

Terrain generation inside the matrix

As you have seen in some of the earlier posts about Lunar Soil's outside world; we got this chunk of very blue terrain landscape with one texture.  

We have a terrain generation process where we can create detailed and interesting pieces automatically. When these are done we refine them manually to clear some of the rough edges. However, the system hasn't been able to add textures automatically until now. We are tweaking the system to use more textures based on height now. So we for example, can have icy snow at the top of mountains and sand or dirt at the bottom. Hopefully we'll have some more interesting outside screenshots in the upcoming month's posts when this system is ready.

Kim Aarnseth
Kim Aarnseth