Connecting the pipes & Unite

by Kim Aarnseth September 29, 2019

Connecting the pipes & Unite

Connecting the pipes

Played around with a pipe system, previously we made an electric power grid that connected machines with power sources to make them operate:

electric grid

The electric grid was automatically connecting all nearby machines and electric poles, but we wanted some more authoring control for a pipe-system.

I made a small system where you can put down a pipe-node, each node can have one dedicated connection out to for example a pump, a liquid tank or another pipe-node. And in turn, one pipe-node can have several incoming connections. 

Pipes in Lunar Soil

You choose where to build the pipe-nodes and then you can interact with them to connect them to other things. A physic-based pipe with joints is created between the nodes which will follow the terrain. 

A guideline is created when the player is connecting the pipes, this is using raycasting to make sure the player and the pipe is in line of sight (not blocked by hills or things like that), and that connecting is not too far away. 

Soon we can harvest some liquids.

Unite Copenhagen 2019

This week I was at the Unity conference in Copenhagen.

There is a lot of new features in Unity and there were a lot of great talks about AR and VR training, Digital twins, 3d asset pipelines for industrial usage, Unity as a Library in other applications and good focus on how other industries can leverage Unity, not just games.

Unity tooling

Most of the new and upcoming official features can be reached with the package-manger but there is a lot of nice stuff right here: 

One nice library that might be useful for indie-developers was a feedback system from reunono@Ubisoft


Kim Aarnseth
Kim Aarnseth