Character Creation and VideoLog 2

by Kim Aarnseth March 24, 2018

Character Creation and VideoLog 2

Let's create a character! We look at the character creation in Lunar Soil!

Summary of this week's devlog

  • Welcome to Start
  • VideoLog 2 - Vendela talks about the character creation
  • More character creation
  • Personality test and traits

Welcome to Start

We made a simple start screen! Quite funny that we haven't had one for a couple of months now. We have been busy creating game-systems and designing parts. But now we are moving towards putting the pieces more together again; and where not to start but at start?!  

We now have a start screen! We now have a start screen for Lunar Soil

As you see, there's a small signup button in there (for the newsletter), we are setting things up so we can give away in-game codes for funny clothes and other in-game items.

Our second  VideoLog

This time with Vendela and the character creation; check it out:  

Character Creation

You watched the video right?! Right? Good. In the character creation screen you will be creating your character;  choosing your looks. You start off with a simple pajamas but will be able to find some pretty neat gears later on like these ridiculous super plumber's clothes.  

How about making your very own Leela inspired space exploration character?

These starter pajamas are really itchy! These starter pajamas are really itchy!  

The UI is still very rough but, as you see; the core actions are there.   For some reason you can pick your size?!  

Just like in real life you can easily change your size?!Things to put under your spacesuit and intergalactic indoor mining hat. Hair!

Pick a hairstyle Pick a hairstyle and hair color.

Things to see with!

A few rough eyes. We are making a lot more! A few rough eyes. We are making a lot more!

After you've created your character, you can design a pretty company logo.  

The Company logo creator. Look at that stylish Morgondag logo. The Company logo creator. Look at that stylish Morgondag logo.  

We went a little overboard and made a couple of cool shiny ones to choose from.

A couple of logos available A couple of logos available

Personality Test and Traits

After you've created your character and company you will take a small personality test. The result of this test will give you a set of traits for your character, we rambled a little bit about it before here. We'll talk more in-depth about how they affect gameplay and your character later.

Character creation personality test Character creation; personality test

Kim Aarnseth
Kim Aarnseth


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