Bit Animation Editor - V1.3.1

by Kim Aarnseth November 01, 2020

Bit Animation Editor - V1.3.1

22 new free sprites

This small little patch contains a new asset pack "Hallow" with 22 free new sprites to play around and design with. It also contains Mac Steam SDK fixes and a small menu-bar visual fix.

Please use the steam forum for feature requests, questions, or bug reports we actively monitor that. HERE



Bit Animation Editor - 1.3.1 - Patch Notes

🌟Features & 👾Bug Fixes

  • New free asset pack pack "Hollow"
    22 new assets to play around with.
  • Mac Steam achievements
    Corrected mac Steam SDK integration, and resolved a blocker for achievements getting registered.
    Achievements will now trigger correctly but there might be no visual cue in the overlay.
  • Menu offset
    Corrected menu bars size and prevented preview, scene and other windows for overlapping the menu.

    Thank you ❤️

    Kim Aarnseth
    Kim Aarnseth