Bit Animation Editor - V1.3.0 - New assets and bug-fixes

by Kim Aarnseth October 29, 2020

Bit Animation Editor - V1.3.0 - New assets and bug-fixes

New release! New free assets and bug-fixes

Halloween is here which we celebrate with a 10% discount and a new shiny patch! Btw, 10% is the max amount Bit will be discounted this year.

The 1.3.0 release contains a new free autumn asset pack called "Orion" (containing 60 assets) and a new example animation using some of the new assets. The 1.3.0 version also takes care of a range of bugs. Moreover, it contains some stability improvements, font-size increase, and better scene editing. Also, time-lapses are now exported as videos!

We are looking into making video tutorials explaining how to create compositions and utilize the editor more, no time-frame yet.

Please use the steam forum for feature requests, questions, or bug reports we actively monitor that.

We're also investigating C# support for the Godot game engine and an open-source importer.

Below you can find the patch notes containing added features, bug-fixes, and known issues.


OrionAutumn Orion

Bit Animation Editor - 1.3.0 - Patch Notes


  • New free asset pack pack "Orion"
    60 new assets to play around with
  • New example animation "Orion"
    Larger, more advanced composition using some of the new assets.
  • New palette "Orion".
    See the palettes folder in the install folder for all available free palettes.
  • Time-lapse exports to video instead of GIF
    Time-lapses sometimes have a lot of frames resulting in really big GIFs which are hard to share. Video is a much better format for sharing these on social media.
  • Increased UI font-size on both Windows and Mac
    For better visibility.
  • Added social media links to welcome window
    all the links...
  • Safer asset removal
    Added a new confirmation window when pressing "remove asset" to prevent accidentally removing standard assets.
  • Pixel-art Scaler
    Changed the name of the scale configuration to pixel-art Scale and added tool-tip explaining that this is not a zoom feature and that it's designed to allow scaled art but with small positional transformations.
  • Empty scene states
    Added new empty state for main scene with buttons to open or create a new project. This was added to detect save states and enforce new projects to be saved. This in turn prevents some bugs with asset replacement and palettes.
  • Empty scene
    Changed so the application doesn't start with a default empty window.
  • Secrets
    Prepared some ground work for procedural scene generation.
    This is also why there is such strict library management. data data data.
  • Export
    Added an export tab under scene configuration.
  • Close button
    Added a close project button to the start menu when a project or example is open.

👾Bug Fixes

  • Loading size
    Loading screen no longer cuts of progress description.
  • Loading alignment
    Loading screen text aligned to the left to avoid jumping.
  • Pointer calculation
    Recalculated the drag and drop pointer positions to match the hovered asset's bounding box on the screen. This will make it much more intuitive and simpler to drag and drop assets and help out with targeting an asset in a scene with a lot of entities.
  • Scene entity pointer activation
    Clicking and hovering outside of the design scene will no longer trigger large asset movement, hovering, and activation.
  • Importer
    Restricted the asset importer to PNG and JPEG/JPG as other formats could be imported but are not supported or evaluated.
    Let us know what format you would like to import, we are looking into supporting GIF frames.
  • Palette buttons
    Moved down the find color button from the palette tool to prevent it from getting cut off in the new re-sizable windows.
  • Export files
    Restricted the export file-ending types for GIF, MP4 and PNG to match the actual file-type to prevent strange export files.
  • Asset buttons
    Changed so that "add to scene" and "replace" is only visible if a saved project is opened.
  • Importer window
    Fixed a bug with the import window rendering off-screen preventing some users to import their own PNGs and JPEGs.
  • Replace
    Added a before save history state when replacing an asset.

💣Known Issues

  • History Performance
    Slowdown performance with a large history state.
  • Color replacement
    Large projects with a lot of assets can crash when importing color palettes.
  • Missing Animations
    Removing library asset animations can crash projects.
  • Clone issues?
    Reports about cloning crashes, if you have an example of this please let us know how to reproduce.

Thank you ❤️

Kim Aarnseth
Kim Aarnseth