Bit Animation Editor - New Patch - V1.1.0

by Kim Aarnseth September 05, 2020

Bit Animation Editor - New Patch - V1.1.0

Thank you for such a great launch!

We are so happy to have reached the first milestone and get this tool out for artists. 

We made a small patch today fixing some interesting bugs.

OwlO was created live on the launch stream.

There have been a lot of questions about mac and we do have an alpha build for mac but being a tiny team we focus on one platform at a time. We have some planned upcoming features, export targets and ideas we want to implement in the close future.

Let us know what you would like to see more off, or things that would help you use the tool better.

Bit Animation Editor - 1.1.0 - Patch Notes

  • Asset tile-size calculation bug
    In some rare scenarios imported sprite could miss initial size calculations.
    Added a check to recalculate missing sizes when assets are loaded.

  • Project Resizing Bug
    Switching between projects would not set the scene to the project size but to the default size.

  • Project Name input focus
    Fixed so that the project name input-field doesn't lose focus while typing.

  • Preview Scale
    Preview window now scales with project size to make it clearer how much space an asset
    will take in the scene.

  • Added JPG Support
    it's not recommended to import large jpg's into the editor.
    Please don't create large cat gif's like this one,
    the exporter is single-threaded with an in-memory frame-buffer (the app will cry).


Thank you <3

Kim Aarnseth
Kim Aarnseth