Bit Animation Editor - 1.4.0 Linux

by Kim Aarnseth November 25, 2020

Bit Animation Editor - 1.4.0 Linux

Bit now works on Linux hurry!
We mainly focus on support Ubuntu 20 LTS but other distributions might work as well.
Let us know how it work on your snowflake OS :-p
A new small asset-pack as well as a Linux animations is available to celebrate this addition.

Bit Animation Editor - Linux

Today we use the tool to create Art and and game assets.

We got a feature by Deviant Art

And some of the bigger painting is seeing traction on Reddit, Twitter and other social media. It feels great to be able to have a tool to create unique art with.

Please use the steam forum for feature requests, questions, or bug reports we actively monitor that.


Bit Animation Editor - 1.4.0 - Patch Notes

🌟Features & 👾Bug Fixes

  • Linux Support
    Bit now works on Linux.
  • New free asset pack pack "Linux"
    22 new assets to play around with.
  • New example animation "Linux"
    A celebration animation for Linux.
  • New palette "Linux".
    See the palettes folder in the install folder for all available free palettes.
  • Mac big Sur
    Some minor library updates for Big Sur.
  • Menu header
    Increased size for windows and Linux.
  • Consolidated Linux & Mac code-base
    Large code base cleanup to support more OS
  • Import asset Mac Fixed a large import bug that could crash the app when importing PNGs on mac.
  • Mac file-picker Rewrote file-system dialog for mac to remove some bugs when canceling an export.
  • Video Encoder
    Rewrote how frames and key-frame intervals are calculate to prevent crashed on large exports.
  • Update Steam SDK
    And added a welcome Linux achievement

    Thank you ❤️ // Kim & Vendela

    Kim Aarnseth
    Kim Aarnseth