by Kim Aarnseth November 24, 2019


The year is soon coming to an end, we're taking some time off, and this will be the last blog post for 2019! 

We've been working on a lot of things at the same time this year, everything from creative projects, game jams, consulting work, visual art, mobile apps, custom engines, console stuff, psychology studies, battery factories and aaa lot of game prototypes in AR, VR, 2D, 3D.

In the upcoming year, we aim to finish Vast Void for various platforms. Then we'll decide where our focus will go next. We have a lot of ideas and projects we could bring to life with themes ranging from space exploration, multiverses, time paradoxes, farming, pixel-art, artificial overlords, or some good old medieval times. We've also a lot of ideas for where we could take Lunar Soil; over the year, we designed away all of the UI and multi-character controls for the game and sliced away large parts of the narrative-heavy dialog and RPG elements. Still, we want to continue prototyping and make interesting systems. We did actually apply for an art grant for Lunar Soil, but the project got deemed to be too commercial viable. 

We want to reach a state where we can release stuff earlier and faster but keep building on them which requires a commitment to each project and some initial milestones, and at the moment, it's hard to decide what creative projects we want to pursuit. Some of these projects we've tried to wrap up into free games like 16-bit Beat and SpaceBase19. These games could be built upon more, but sometimes it feels good to get some design ideas out of the system and move on to something new.

So with a goal for more focus, we're going to tune down how often we release blog-posts from every week to every second week or even more seldom. We do, however, want to keep a fixed blogging interval as that pushes us forward.

It can be hard to expose and talk about some project parts at the same time you're designing them, that's a big reason why we've stopped doing video-logs. Instead, we get more focus on crafting projects and designs.  

We do however want to continue making strange things like

Have a nice continuation of the rest of your earthly momentum. We'll be back in January. <3

//Kim & Vendela

Kim Aarnseth
Kim Aarnseth